Tad “The anti-therapy dog”

Tad, the “anti-therapy” dog: Tad is a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix, a.k.a. a Shih-poo. He came to me as a puppy with the idea (mine) that he would be a therapy dog, and add a sweet canine touch to my practice, which, in a unique way, he does. Tad has anxiety, about numerous things; big coats, hats, large purses….to name a few, but, mostly about getting used to new people. Tad’s philosophy is “unsafe until proven otherwise”.

. . .If this hasn’t completely dissuaded you from setting up an initial appointment, I will add that the best way to approach Tad is to ignore him. After his initial assessment phase, he will slowly approach you in the hope of being offered a treat (always in supply), and, eventually, even for pets. Once he really feels safe, he will generously offer his belly to to rubbed, and even, occasionally curl up next to you. He is hypoallergenic, and bathed with chemical free shampoo, so his presence should not bother anyone with allergies.